"Nothing makes a man so happy as his fair belief that he has done everything he could by investing his best abilities in his work."
Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin

The great interactive exhibition, which represents the most comprehensive overview of the life and work of Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, was opened in 2015 in the Historical Museum of Serbia. The exhibition covers Pupin’s activities in the field of science, professor and literary work, national and political contributions and numerous good deeds. Pupin’s art legacy, as well as his precious gift to the University Library – Pupin’s personal library are exhibited to public for the first time. The uniqueness of this exhibition represents a display of until now unknown archival material (among others from the archives of the FBI and NASA), but also from the Archives of Yugoslavia, the PTT Museum, the University Library, the Birthplace complex in Idvor, the National Museum in Belgrade, the University Library "Svetozar Marković", the Library of Serbian Patriarchate, Intellectual Property Office, the Museum of Vojvodina, Educational and Research Association Mihajlo Pupin, as well as Siemens Corporate Archives, Munich.
The thing that makes this exhibition a unique museological experience is a use of new media and modern technologies which enable the visitors to discover additional multimedia content and get to know the life and work of this great scientist through digital extension of the exhibition in physical and augmented reality.

Mobile application PUPIN enables you to interact with exhibits within exhibition
and discover diverse multimedia contents in augmented reality.
The application is also used with accompanying contents: catalogue and poster,
as well as different projects and activities linked with the exhibition.
The application is available for iOS and Android.